Thank you for visiting and taking an interest in our Antorus, Guldan and Mythic Plus dungeon sales. Below you will find information on the sales packages we are currently offering. We do this with highly geared 960+ raiders that do many Mythic plus runs daily. We guarantee our work or there is no charge in the end.

**We are now Selling Guldan Mount/Title**

Guldan w/o Mount - 250k
Guldan w/ Mount - 1 Million

Tell Us A Story is now offering Normal and Heroic clears with Mythic in the Future. Below are prices and what is included as well as terms.
**All of Antorus is done on personal loot*

11/11 Normal Clear on personal Loot - 150k
11/11 Heroic Run on personal Loot (Includes Heroic Mount from Argus)- 500k
Heroic Argus Only (Includes Heroic Mount from Argus)- 250k

Mythic Plus 15 - 150k *Prices are negotiable depending on the carry*
You will also get your weekly 960+ piece of gear from you're cache with this run.
All loot dropped in any run is included in the price. Want just a certain key ran? Hit us up for pricing.

Nightbane Mount - 100k
We are currently offering Nightbane mounts and loot from boss for 100k. This Includes bosses up to Nightbane.
Mount -

**All sales are to be paid in full just prior to starting. Runs require a 50k deposit for your spot. If you fail to show up we cant guarantee you will get in for the week**

If you have any questions or would like to sign up please add me on @ Dracs#1320 or in-game Ragnarisk├Čng-Staghelm